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3,4-Dichloromethylphenidate is a research chemical of the stimulant type, with 3,4-CTMP being related to methylphenidate.


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3,4-Dichloromethylphenidate is a research chemical of the stimulant type, with 3,4-CTMP being related to methylphenidate.

In animal studies the threo-disastereomer 3,4-CTMP has shown to be seven times more potent than methylphenidate.

Due to a slower onset, reinforcing effects are recorded as being weaker.

H.M Deutsch's discrimination ration suggets 3,4-Dichloromethylphenidate can be more addictive than cocaine.

As is to be expected when sourcing high quality research chemicals from OBF, the 3,4-CTMP offered here is of the usual exceptionally high quality & purity.

As with all research chemicals that we stock, 3,4-CTMP is not provided for, nor approved for any type of in-viro research

3,4-CTMP is not subject to any licensing controls or regulations in the USA and a number of other countries when using 3,4-CTMP for laboratory research and development purposes.

Our Factory Produced Research Chemical Pellets Contain 10mg of 3,4-CTMP

3,4-CTMP Is Highly Active @ Very Low Doses, ie 5mg

Extra Careful Lab Handling Is Required & The Use Of Accurate 0.001mg Scales Is Essential!

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