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Dormicum is a rapidly absorbed up-to date hypnotic of 3-4 hours' duration of action physiologically influencing the phases of normal sleep. In the course of the examination of 26 patients, 21 found the hypnotic action of 7.5-mg or 15-mg Dormicum doses to be highly effective.


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Dormicum is an effective anxiolytic frequently used in many major and minor operations. It has effects on brain neurotransmitters as well that makes surgical operations and hospital procedures a whole lot easier for most patients. Keep in mind the actions and mechanism of the drug to stay risk-free. 

Dormicum is the brand name of the generic drug midazolam. It also comes under other brand names like Versed, Hypnovel and Dormonid. The drug is a benzodiazepine derivative with potent amnestic, sedative, hypnotic, anxiolytic, anti-convulsant and skeletal muscle relaxant properties. Dormicum is considered as a fast-acting benzodiazepine with a half-life of short elimination. 

Dormicum is generally used to relieve anxiety and cause sleepiness among patients due for surgery. It also causes loss of consciousness and short-term memory before and during surgery. Some uses include treatment of patients in intensive care units, dental extraction and other minor and major operations. The drug allows individuals to withstand stress and cooperate during hospital procedures. 

Dormicum is indicated for people undergoing mental stress like delirium as well as seizing and aggressive patients. Hypnotic use of the drug is used widely in many hospitals since it effectively induces sleep. Sleep quality is significantly improved in most individuals. Others may report mild amnesia. 

The drug has a variety of side effects but not all require immediate medical attention. Common expected side effects include irritability, coughing, hiccupsinsomnia, nightmares, drowsiness, headachenauseavomiting, restlessness and speech difficulty. Uncommon side effects include mental confusion, hypotension, coma, dizziness, impaired balance, reflexes and coordination, seizures, skin rash and palpitations. These should be reported immediately to a doctor. 

Contraindications for Dormicum are patients suffering from bipolar disorderpsychosis, drug or alcohol abuse, heartkidney or liver disease, lung problems, myasthenia gravis, Parkinson’s disease, suicidal ideations, shortness of breath, pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers. These individuals should first consult their doctors prior to consumption of the drug. Some drugs may also interact with Dormicum like disulfiram, flumazenil, isoniazid, levodopa, probenecid, ranitidine, St. John’s wort, caffeine and cimetidine

Dormicum acts on benzodiazepine receptors that enhance binding of GABA to GABAA receptors. It acts similarly with other benzodiazepines in its class causing inhibitory effects on the central nervous system. The individual then will experience relaxation and drowsiness as the level of GABA is adjusted. 

16 patients due for appendectomy without rupture of the appendix were given Dormicum via intravenous injection. During the operation, all patients had stable vital signs and didn’t present any unusual symptoms. After the operation, all patients reported a sense of relief and relaxation and were discharged within 3 days. All patients were unconscious throughout the procedure while 14 reported having mild amnesia. 

Demetrin is supposed to be given via intramuscular or intravenous injection only by approved and licensed health professionals. There is Demetrin syrup available in hospitals but should only be given within hospital premises by licensed practitioners. Be wary of illegal distribution of this drug. 

Some individuals may present withdrawal symptoms. Those who are planning to get pregnant are advised not to take Demetrin to ensure safe and successful conception. Keep out of reach of children at all times and use only under the supervision of a licensed health professional. 


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